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Under the menu item  "Standardspeicher" you will find memory modules from leading manufacturers in "Top Quality" at top prices. In this section S-DRAM modules, SO SDRAM modules, DDR-SDRAM modules and SO-DDR-SDRAM modules from different manufacturers are listed. For a detailed product description on the possible memory configurations from manufacturers and the product use the search function. A great help is our "Memory Selector", where you will find every special memory.

You will find internal and external  Notebookfestplatten (SSD, IDE and SATA 2.5 inch), matching Festplattengehäuse und Adapter, as well as 3,5 Zoll Desktop HDDs and numerous laptop equipment.

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SD (Secure Digital) memory cards, the new generation of storage media that offers an incredible combination of high storage capacity, fast data transmission, unexpected flexibility and outstanding security on a card that is no bigger than a postage stamp. They are based on non-volatile memory components, are made of a resistant cast and do not require power to maintain the stored data. Thanks to its construction from solid state components they have no fault-prone moving parts and are therefore highly reliable.

The CompactFlash card is presented as a digital medium that is small, light and inexpensive. Compact Flash Cards from Mustang are ideal for use in digital cameras, MP3-players, Palms or other digital devices with Compact Flash slot. You can easily store for exact pictures, music and data to be used.

With capacities from 16 MB to 128 MB SmartMedia cards offer an ultra-thin storage format for all digital cameras and MP3 players with SmartMedia slot. Smart Media is also used in some PDAs and organizers and is quickly and inexpensively. With a weight of approximately 2 g SmartMedia cards today is the technology on the market with the lowest power consumption.

MultiMedia cards are the smallest memory media of the flash memory family. The advanced technology of this non-volatile memory allows you quick and absolutely reliable storage in a small space. As a storage medium in MP3 players MultiMedia Cards are rapidly gaining importance. They are also the pioneering storage medium for cover mobile phone, pager and small handheld systems. The ability to set up user-identification numbers on the cards, as is a safety device for use in personalized devices. MultiMedia Cards are robust and easy to handle.

Under USB Drive you will find devices that can be operated via the USB port. This area is regularly extended with devices category USB 1.1, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Whether memory sticks, or Card Reader-Writer, we also carry only high quality products from leading manufacturers.