EAR - Registration

Foundation of waste electrical equipment registers


is the "Joint Group of the Manufacturers' within the meaning of the Waste Electrical and Electronic equipment legislation (" ElektroG ").
With the mortgage lending decision of 06 July 2005, the Foundation of waste electrical equipment register was transfered
the performance of duties pursuant to § 17 ElectroG. We have already registered to ensure that you can dispose of defective modules that you purchase through us.

If you have questions then we are always here for you.

Used Battery Disposal

In connection with the sale of rechargeable or disposable batteries, or devices that operate on batteries or disposable batteries, we are as a dealer under the battery law obligated to inform about relevant rules and obligations

Used batteries do not belong in household waste. Consumers are obliged by law to bring batteries to a suitable collection in trade or the municipality. The delivery is free of charge. You can return your used batteries to us. The return of the batteries / accumulators to us must be sufficient postage in all cases.

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Batteries may contain harmful substances or heavy metals that can harm the environment and health. In addition, batteries contain valuable materials which can be recycled. The environment says thank you.


The bin means: Batteries and rechargeable batteries aren’t household waste.

Bitte Batterien und Akkus richtig entsorgen

The character under the garbage cans are for:

  • Pb: battery contains lead
  • Cd: battery contains cadmium
  • Hg: battery contains mercury

You have the option of also again read the information in the documents accompanying the goods or in the manual of the equipment manufacturer.

More detailed information about Battery Act be obtained from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety under http://www.bmu.de/abfallwirtschaft or the Federal Environment Agency under http://www.uba.de