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The development of Best Electronics

BEST Electronics

BEST Electronics, Ihr Speichspezialist aus Oberbayerb

In 2003 Best Electronics, your specialist for Printer memory and memory expansions, was founded by Mr. John Reiser. We bring over 15 years of experience in the development, manufacture and sale of high quality system-specific memory solutions for almost all hardware systems, to develop and produce memory upgrades for industrial customers, embedded computer, printers and notebooks.

Mr. Johannes Reiser (see also Business Consulting TEC-INNO www.tec- inno.de) has over 25 years of experience in strategic positions of responsibility of the commercial and sales management in various industries.

Arbeitsspeicher, Festplatten, SSD, Flash, USB

From a simple memory for a standard notebook to special memory modules for high-performance servers, we support you in upgrading your systems. Investing in a memory upgrade is always the best protection for your computer.


One of the particular strengths of BEST Electronics is the major product diversity that has evolved from the core competence memory modules. We supply more than 2000 memory product lines of any sort - we take care of the wishes of our customers, which sometimes require memory modules for special applications. We do not limit us to the mass market for widely available PC memory modules, but also provide Memory solutions for a variety of different devices and applications. The changing trends in the modern digital life require us to develop new computer accessories.

Standard main memory

It has been shown that standard memory dominates the memory market. Therefore, we position ourselves as a quality manufacturer of desktop and notebook PCs. With our product lines for 144, 168, 172, 184, 200, 204, 240 pin DIMMs we support all major specifications - including PC 100 SDRAM, PC 133 SDRAM, Rambus DRAM, DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3 technology. Please contact us if you need any kind of standard memory.

»» Standard Memory Overview

Special main memory

BEST Electronics offers products that are fully compatible with those of producers protected brand names, so-called "proprietary memory" products or "special memory". We are now one of the most active manufacturer for special memory. BEST Electronics has established a reputation as the strongest source for a variety of different memory module variants - we produce memory modules for workstations, servers, routers, printers and fax machines from other manufacturers brand. We guarantee full compatibility with our memory modules to our customers' systems, of course. Also, we can quickly obtain upgrade solutions for old systems.

Flash memory products

BEST Electronics procured Flash memory products that are durable and fully compatible with the relevant standards, eg Compact Flash, Secure Digital (RS) MultiMedia, xD-Picture, Smart Media Card and Memory Stick (Duo) and USB Drive. For industrial applications we get Compact Flash cards that can operate in extreme ambient temperatures. More Flash devices in the product program are robust IDE Flash modules, which are installed instead of spinning disks.

»» Overview Flash memory

With an assortment of more than 70.00 products, all available at short notice, we will solve your memory problem.


Our businesses

  • Production of memory modules
    With the BEST. Electronics manufacturing we can deliver to our customers   quickly and flexibly with special memory chips and special assemblies in small and medium series.
  • BEST. WebShop
    With the BEST. Electronics WebShop we would like to offer "all" equipment at great prices for retail customers and dealers store.
  • Brokerage and Trading
    Bottlenecks at customers are solved by our global purchasing source. We obtain our customers semiconductors in a short  time. No storage.
  • Strategy and goals
    The strategic direction of our company is based on three priorities: core competence, service and organic growth

Memory manufacturing

Flexible manufacturing systems consisting of modern assembly and soldering systems, as well as suitable test systems form the basis of automated production

We manufacture:

  •      Patterns or individual pieces
  •      Series in small, medium to large numbers
  •      SMD technology to Fine-pitch BGA 0.1mm and BGA
  •      Single and double sided SMD technology
  •      Mixed assembly SMT / THT (Note.: SMT = surface mount technology THT = through hole   technology)

We can manufacture your products on two new Samsung CP-20CV with max 8,000 parts / hour, Laser Vision + CCD Vision, 0402 IC with Rastere 0.2, max. 92 x 8 mm feeder.