Desktop memory installation

Desktop Memory Installation


How to install the main memory (RAM)

With an additional main memory (RAM) the PC can be accelerated quick and easy. Before buying the RAM-modules you have to check which pieces your Computer needs and how much space is still available.

The best way to find the right memory is to use our Memory-Selector. There you can find the modules for you Device in three simple steps. You can see from the description which RAM-type you need and if it has to be a single module or two pairs.

To install the memory or to count the remaining free RAM-banks you have to search  for such blocks on the motherboard. They are locked in place on both sides. To release the memory module the securing clip has to be pressed on both sides gently outwards.

The new memory module has two notches which prevent incorrect insertion. They need to be over the cutouts in the motherboard-slot. The memory module can only fit in one direction on the board. He must be attached with the cutouts in the right direction on the motherboard - if you look carefully that shouldn’t be a problem.

What happens if he is still pressed forcibly in the wrong direction, this page clearly shows. Through careful pressure of the memory module it snaps in correctly and the white safety clamps present themselves again. Lock the clamps now gently until they engage well.

Connect all cables and check the available memory if all the new bars are detected. If the computer doesn’t start, the correct fit of all memory modules and also between dissolved cables must be checked again.

On Windows, the existing storage is shown by right-clicking on the My Computer Symbol and there open the "Properties" tab.