Your benefits when buying memories

10 + reasons to convince you or
why you should rely on Best Electronics:

  1.       5 years warranty on all BEST Electronics Memory Modules
  2.       2 years warranty on all memory cards
  3.       Highest quality & compatibility
  4.       Only ~ 0.2% failure rate in the complete product mix
  5.       ISO 9002
  6.       JEDEC ID
  7.       Highest availability
  8.       100% output tests
  9.       Perfect service and advice even after the purchase
  10.       Just in time delivery (24h)
  11.       More than 10,000 proprietary memory upgrades
  12.       Flashcards in all formats, and capacities
  13.       Outstanding quality and performance
  14.       Excellent care, guidance and support
  15.       Supply of obsolete modules by appointment

... And prices that you will simply love.

For industrial customers, we manufacture memory products on our store production facilities according to predetermined memory layout. Our competence center creates small series with the maximum in professionalism. Assemblies are subjected to a functional test and quality control plays the advantage of our own memory production fully out. Our technological advice helps you Prototyping.

For customers and dealers, we have installed Europe's largest internet shop. We sell about 1,000 memorys per day. Both dealers and end customers benefit from our services. Just order in our online shop ( and you will receive your desired memory. Dealers can obtain special rates.