Memory manufacturing

Best Electronics manufactures industrial storage for industrial applications such as embedded PCs, telecommunications, automotive applications, robot control and other applications.

  • Together we will specify the components for your module and thus ensure the best performance
  • The use of brand ICs and PCBs industry (quality boards (4x or 6x Layer)) is guaranteed
  • All modules are tested 100% on the test system or in your applications
  • Our sample service and rapid prototyping simplifies your internal release test
  • The memory modules you get for the agreed life cycle are in absolutely constant quality, the so-called original manufacturer cannot guarantee this, as these simply cancel your products
  • We program the Serial prescence Detect (SPD) to your exact memory configuration
  • Also a necessary memory overclocking is possible

Best Electronics is leading in system-specific memory upgrades, brand memory and flash products. Our strength is the rapid development and manufacture of special memories for industrial requirements. The niche market is our strength.

Samsung CP-20CV

You're provided with a base of over 500 memory designs according to the JEDEC standard. From this basis we create with you the perfect engine for your application.


The memory development is our daily work

  • We can offer you all of the modules for the extended temperature range
  • Your memory will be composed only of industrial storage components.
  • Special heights as particularly narrow or flat are also possible.
  • Low power consumption and therefore a low heat development simplifies your design.

JEDEC Industrie Standard

You can choose from the following groups. Or you can have your RAM module developed by us.


  • DDR3 Memory modules
    DIMM 240Pin (Unbuffered with or without ECC, Registered Buffered, Fully Buffered)
    SO-DIMM 204 Pin
  • DDR2 Memory modules
    DIMM 240 Pin (Unbuffered with or without ECC, Registered Buffered, Fully Buffered)
    SO-DIMM 200 Pin (with or without ECC)
  • DDR Memory modules
    DIMM 184 Pin (Unbuffered with or without ECC, Registered Buffered, and low types of construction)
    SO-DIMM 200 Pin (with or without ECC) for embedded Pc's and router
    100 Pin DIMM (for printers or routers)
    DIMM 168 Pin (Unbuffered with or without ECC, Registered Buffered)
    SO-DIMM 144 Pin (with or without ECC ( Router))
    100 Pin DIMM (for printers and routers)
    SIMM 72 Pin (with or without Parity/ECC, also in high capacity)
    SO-DIMM 72 Pin
    SO-DIMM 144 Pin
    DIMM 168 Pin (Unbuffered/Buffered, with or without ECC)
    DIMM 100 Pin (for printers and routers)

Here we have the world's largest stock of discontinued components. Quick availability is your advantage.



Your supplier of memory modules for upgrade

Best Electronics help you find memory upgrade for your printer, laptops, PCs and servers. The Best Electronics has risen under Johannes Reiser to a leading specialist for proprietary memory upgrades, brand memory and flash products in Germany. Best Electronics develops and produces long-term memory modules for industrial quality requirements on its own facilities.

As a designer of industrial applications you have individual requirements. Your need for long-term availability Ram memories is what we cover. the shop for Memory Ram Upgrade

Best Electronics offers Europe's largest online shop for end customers with stores for over 20,000 PCs, notebooks, printers, and servers. Therefore, we have our ear closer to the market than any other storage vendors. Visit us:

Why memories of Best Electronics?
Only the specialists at Best Electronics and looked after by you online shop guarantees the high compability of the supplied modules.




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“Upgrading a server or printer for a fair price is easy with us. Seek advice from us and purchase the 100% correct memory in our onlinshop for Memory Upgrades" Johannes Reiser, owner BEST Electronics